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About Us

Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Supply is a business, which caters to Volunteer Search and Rescue groups throughout North America. As you know Search & Rescue in North America is for the most part supplied by volunteer groups, and it is those volunteers and groups that supply their own equipment at their own expense. As a volunteer myself I have made it my mandate to supply groups with quality products at a reasonable price.

Our major line at this time is Rocky Mountain Rescue Coveralls, these coveralls are specially designed for Rescue Personnel. As you will see on the following pages they have many features that suit not only Ground Search & Rescue crews, but also Flight Crews. Sizing coveralls are available when you are ready to order. Presently we also have available a Multi Purpose Vest, Search Managers Vest, a Radio Harness as well as other new items that I know may be of interest to you.

We may not have a big selection of products, but I have felt fron the beginning that there is no use competing with existing outdoor shops, but rather supply those items that are not readily available at a reasonable cost. I invite you to browse though this web site , and if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to drop us a line.